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The Jnanapeetha award winner Karanthajja alias Dr Kota Shivarama Karanth is known as ‘Kadala Thirada Bharga’ in the literary field. A highly respected literary genius in Karnataka is Dr Shivarama Karanth.

 Now a film in Kannada has kept the title ‘Kadala Thirada Bhargava’ and ready with the teaser. With Pannaga Somashekhar directing Varun Raju Patel and Bharat Gowda playing the lead roles, the film teaser has already created a good response for the film team in social media.

The film has nothing to do with Karanthajja but the protagonist`s name is called Bhargava and he is from the coastal belt. The sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu Parashurama is also known as Bhargava Rama. Parashurama in mythology is victorious and Chiranjeevi the film protagonist Bhargava is also a demolisher of evils!

In November the trailer is set for release and in December first week the film is slated for release, says director Pannaga Somashekhar.

I am the hero and villain in this film and every human being will be having two shades in life as mentioned by the main hero of the film, Varun Raju Patel. Varun Raj Patel heard the story when he fractured his leg.

Bharat Gowda, second hero of the film, when the producer could not match the subject I had to come forward to produce with Varun. I was told to make a film like ‘Tapassu’ – Penance. For the Rishis penance Rakshasaas came to disturb and when we started the project two years ‘Corona’ came as disturbance mentioned Bharat Gowda.

I am playing Impana in this film. Controlling mother and work pressure father is my family, I am deinied with affection. There is Aunty who knows my wishes and rest you to watch on screen stated beautiful looking Shruthi Prakash a singer and Big Boss fame.

Veteran actor Sridhar KS, happy for good days, remembered the difficult days of the last two years. I have a very convincing role in my heart. This type of film should win, he felt.

Music composer Anil CJ worked for nine songs for this film and reputed lyricists have contributed for this film. He thanked the director who is basically a guitar player and his knowledge in music was responsible for good quality songs.

Pannaga Somashekhar story, screenplay, dialogues and directed film ‘Kadala Thirada Bhargava’ has Keerthan Poojar and Ashik Kusugolli cinematography, Umesh Bosagi is editor.

Raghav Nag, Ashwin Haasan and others are also in the cast of ‘KTB’.
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