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Once he called me ‘Neevu Appana Samana’ but for my son Manu Gowda he said A1….A2…and unbearable words’ – This is Chingari producer Mahadev deep felt anguish on challenging star Darshan on Friday night in the presence of eight journalists at the top floor of Q Cinemas at Ascendas Park Square Mall situated at ITPL White Field.

‘I have given one shot payment of Rs.1 crore and Rs.60 lakhs, I have done anything less to the film, publicity matter was discussed with Prasad of Sammarth Venture, director Harsha in my presence when the film ‘Chingari’ was sold. I looked after ‘Chingari’ and Darshan so well in the one year and nine months. What he paid me in return is ringing up late in my son’s mobile and lashing in bad words that I heard in the speaker phone. I could not come out of the house for four days. My wife told me we have done our best and let us leave rest to God. I kept quiet.

  • Mahadevu spoke with dejected mind to a few media persons.
  •  I did not want to see his face. That is the reason why I did not come for the get together at Gold Finch.
  •  I have booked the Gold Finch and I have paid the party bill of that evening.
  •  Prasad bought the film and comforted me. I am in profit.
  •  I AM NOT MENTALLY HAPPY after the midnight phone call from Darshan.
  •  Is this the same guy I helped in the bail securing time I told to myself?
  • I wanted to open up what Darshan has said the next day. One gentleman controlled me.
  • In case I do film after ‘Chingari’ it will be with PUNEETH RAJAKUMAR. I will wait for years of his call sheet.
  •  When I have settled everything to Darshan financially. Yet he spoke to me like that. God is there to look after.
  •  I have seen money in the business since a long time. Shishira losses I made in ‘Chingari’ business.
  •  How is ‘Chingari’ in business? It is not good I know. Running in one theatre in Bengaluru. It fell like pack of cards after one week.
  •  In one of the monthly cinema magazines Darshan forced a journalist to write so and so. That was against me. Why such things happen? Mahadevu asks with great pain in him.
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