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Congratulations to debutant director Santhu. Using the abundant resources provided by BK Srinivas and Ashwini Media Network Entertainment he has lived up to the expectations.

In the first film Santhu is a winner from ‘Alemari’. The narration based cinema with a tragic love story mixed with action, underworld, lovely songs, and sentiments is best of the three months in Kannada cinema of 2012.

The best efforts from Radhika Pandit, Yogish, music director Arjun Janya and cameraman Manjunath Nayak has lifted the film to greater heights.

You just don’t wander; go to Alemari where it is showing. The scale of role for Radhika Pandit leaves a mark and she would be No.1 very soon in Kannada cinema. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

Yogish graduating in his performance has to be taken seriously from this film. Changing the look and appearing on the silver screen like this needs guts. Yogish has showed it in the role of ‘pardeshi’, in the role of ‘Mohan’ he is good but needs to apply scissors for his hairstyle. Yogish of ‘Sidlingu’ was good in appearance.

When luck checks life clicks! That is what happens to Mohan when Neeli father Sridhar Shastry agrees for the true love to win at the hospital bed when the respite is offered for him unconditionally.

The destiny has something else in store. Mohan wanted by Nimhans Soori in the revenge saga. Soori has grown in the underworld today after killing three big ones. He needs no objection from Chandra brother in law of Mohan. To remain intact in underworld Chandra silences his tongue. When Mohan comes to know his brother in law killed a prominent Mico Nagaraj he comes to the den of underworld where he is brutally attacked by the waiting Soori.

The waiting love does not further wait. Neeli marries another guy. The badly hit Mohan is Paradeshi in his life. Neeli traces the difficult to trace Mohan via locket… is too late.

A punching performance has come from Yogish. Especially when he is with different facial he melts the hearts. Radhika Pandit is perfect in every frame. It seems acting is there for this kind of artist.

Mico Nagaraj has done a fantastic job. Edeyolage Kittogiro Love story irbeku Kano…he says Mohan is so natural. Ramesh Bhat as Sridhar Shastry, Nayana as Shruthi and Rakesh as Nimhan Soori have done a great work in this film. Manju Mandavya dialogues are very circumspect. But ‘Nara Sattha Mele paper or politics madkondiru….was unwanted.

Neeli Neeli Ninna Kannali…..Ba Bab Bengaluru….Maribeku Ninna…..and Ale Aleyo Alemari title tracks are too good from Arjun Janya.

From the starting of the travel of ‘Alemari’ the way in which Manjunaty Nayak focus the wheels he grabs attention. He has played very well with light and dark in this film. A very promising cameraman on the lines of Satya Hegde is Manjunath Nayak.


Title – ALEMARI, Producer – BK Srinivas, Story, screenplay, lyrics, Direction – Santhu, Cinematography – Manjunath Nayak, Music – Arjun Janya, Cast – Yogish, Radhika Pandit, Ramesh Bhat, Umasri, Mico Nagaraj, Raju Thalikote, Adhi Lokesh, Rakesh, Nayana and others.

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