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A fine actor and good at comedy shows Srujan Lokesh – remember his ‘Maja with Suja’ now returns as hero in ‘Aane Pataki’ in the debutant director Chandrasekhar.

When the invitation of the film was seen by Abhinayasharade Jayanthi she expressed happiness for looking at ‘Loku Mama’ alias Lokesh father of actor Srujan Lokesh. That describes the resemblance of this grandson of first hero of Kannada cinema Subbaiah Naidu with his father Lokesh, highly reputed actor, director and producer of Kannada cinema.

According to Srujan Lokesh the title ‘Gendethimma’ was thought for the film but it was changed. When a guy from village comes to the Silver Jubilee event of couple Jai Jagadish and Vijayalakshmi Singh – some developments are hilarious. It is comedy for the audience but for the characters it is serious says ‘Gello’ hero Srujan Lokesh, I was ‘Solo’ hero in ‘Neela Megha Shyama’. I want to be ‘Gello’ hero says talkative and intelligent Srujan Lokesh. His screen name in the film is Baire Gowda. I am like a clean slate with debut director Chandrasekhar says Srujan Lokesh.

Chandrasekhar director of the film worked previously with giants like SV Rajendra Singh Babu and S Narayan. He has worked as assistant director in Mammooty and Shafi director film. This film ‘Aane Pataki’ is the nick name given to the hero. He comes to the celebrity wedding. This is a real life event says Chandrasekhar. He is adding some imagination to it.

Bhasker of ‘Veera Parampare’ fame the CCL pinch hitter is playing the stylish, dignified character. I learnt how to tell dialogues from Chandrasekhar when he was the assistant director in ‘Veera Parampare’. I feel proud to be in his banner as an actor.

Parvathi Nirbhan of two Tamil and Malayalam films is heroine of this film. It is her first visit to Bangalore. I play a sweet girl, cute and confident girl. This is a comedy entertainer she says.

Dharma Vish is music composer for five songs in the film ‘Aaane Pataki’. According to him this debut is memorable for him. He has worked as arranger for 250 films with greats like Gurukiran, V Manohar, V Harikrishna, V Ravichandran and others.

Jai Jagadish and Vijayalakshmi Singh the star couple of Kannada cinema are in the 23rd year of marriage. They celebrate the silver jubilee of marriage on screen in this film. It is a good team with good ability in work stated the veteran Jai Jagadish. Vijayalakshmi Singh appreciated the commanding nature and definite attitudes of Chandrasekhar.

Suresh Babu is the debut producer. He is in Hindustan Unilever. Jagadish Wali is the cameraman. There is a good chemistry of work in the team he says.

SV Rajendra Singh and S Narayan were present to wish their assistant Chandrasekhar Bandiyappa. Sri Aralu Mallige Parthasarathy inaugurated the proceedings Crazy star V Ravichandran sound the clap board and Srujan Lokesh best friend challenging star Darshan switch on the camera for the first shot.


Srujan Lokesh is teamed with Parvathi Nirban, Bhasker, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Jai Jagadish, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Tabala Naani, Rockline Sudhakar, Somanna Jadar, Bullet Prakash, Cable Anand, Akul and others.

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