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Kalpana Pandit comes to Bangalore on her full length feature film ‘Jaanleva 555’ (nothing to do with cigarette – the film is based on cobra bite) promotion.

Kalpana Pandit at the time of ‘Kalpana’ release in Kannada is a rare coincidence. The milky white fitted with red costume, spread hair and speaking Kannada was surprise for many. Pandataru has roots in Nanjangud and close relative of veteran journalist Dr C Sitharam.

However the grace of Kalpana Pandit was attention at the media meet. The photographs gave a sumptuous food for their latest gadgets, the television crews did not leave even inches of glamour of this professional dancer cum doctor Kalpana Pandit.

Dr Kalpana Pandit an emergency medicine doctor has a strong passion for films. Her last short film ‘Jo Jo Laali’ by Sundeep Malani has won quite a awards at the international level. It was based on the HIV AIDS.

The progressiveness of this seductive looks Kalpana Pandit is so high that she has a Gold Club. The membership fee is 55USD, gold club members will get exclusive privilege to watch Kalpana Pandit never seen before pictures and online they can have a chat with her depending on the schedules.

Kalpana Pandit admirer of Sridevi was first found in ‘Gajagamini’ of MF Hussain that starred Madhuri Dixit. She acted in Pitaah, Moksha, Praan Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye, Om, Padmasri Laloo Prasad, Anandamanandamayee (Tel) Pyaar Kiya Nahin Jaata, Anubhav, Deha, Love Khichid, Jo Jo Laali and now in ‘Jaanleva 555’ she produces the film. Kalpana Pandit is also part of the music videos and TV commercials is a very modern girl runs a Gold Club in her official website that demands 55USD for chats and photos screening of her.

‘Jaanleva 555’ has got appreciation from topnotch of Indian cinema Sridevi Boney Kapoor. Kalpana Pandit in USA got a call from actress Sridevi who immensely appreciated the talent in her.

‘Jaanleva-555’ is set for release on October 19. This Hindi cinema is shot entirely in Karnataka and after twenty years Ananthnag had acted in a Hindi cinema. It is in this film ‘Jaanleva-555’ Vyjayanthimala has shared the screen space after 42 years.

The happiest man at this juncture is Sundeep Malani. Actress Sudha Chandran who is popularly known to everyone as the dancing Mayuri and famously as Ramola Sikkand has volunteered to promote producer Kalpana Pandit and director Sandeep Malani’s forthcoming musical thriller Janleva 555.

Many children in Indian villages die of cobra bites and there is no treatment for them, and to save their lives, Sudha Chandran has given a public message pleading everyone to watch the film as and support this critical medical cause.

The film will be associated with the critical medical cause of pledging donations of Ventilators to cobra bitte patients specifically children in the remote village hospitals of India and also Antivenin research and treatment of snake bite.
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