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Posted date: 02 Fri, Aug 2013 11:14:33 PM
‘Silk’ is said to be expensive material and cotton is graded low in price. This is exactly after watching contents of the film ‘Silk’.

There is nothing new in this film and Veena Mallik controversial heroine sizzling dance and opening up liberally at songs is only front benchers treat and Trishool has applied a Trishool attack on producer R Venkatappa spending Rs.6 crores that is very difficult to digest.

Trishool seems to have not seen the films done in Kannada in the past. He has given a poor show. There is only color. Editing so hopeless in the film throughout! In addition to it everything is easily for the guess of the viewers. The emotion scenes follow with a romantic song!

There was no need of Veena Mallik for this kind of role. The local heroines could have managed it well and the right choice would have been Daisy Boppanna.

There are a number of Kannada films that forces the female protagonist to prostitution from the days of ‘Gejje Pooje’. A woman suffering at the hands of prostitution is not at all new.

Vijayalakshmi as Silk in Bangalore falling prey to prostitution to lead her life and of her mother and two sisters was expected from the turn of events. Sadly Silk for the second time spreads her ‘Seragu’.

Veena Mallik is best in song numbers. She is not good in emoting. Sana as head of the prostitute house is brilliant. She looks good and has good physique. She is more beautiful than Veena Mallik.

Actor Akshay has no improvement from his first film. He has done action well. Dialogues are torture to hear.

Srinivasamurthy as ‘Pimp’, Avinash and Achyuth Kumar as cops are adequate.

The song Baayi Haaku Kai Haaku….is meaningless and not in good taste like many other scenes. Jassie Gift has given two good tunes. Jai Anand has been competent in his camera work.

Veena Mallik shaking legs has not worked out as expected.

Title – Silk…Sakkath Hot Maga, Producer – R Venkatappa, Direction – Trishool, Music – Jassie Gift, Camera – Jai Anand, Cast – Veena Mallik, Akshay, Avinash, Achyuth Kumar, Anitha Bhat, Sana, Srinivasamurthy, Shanthamma and others.
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