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You ask anything of a commercial family entertainer. This film ‘Brindavana’ gives with bonus. The huge cast, excellent production values, mind blowing stunts, image sustaining dialogues for challenging star Darshan, hilarious moments, sentiments, suspense till the last reel of the cinema – Brindavana like a ‘Jumbo Jet’ makes you to hire a taxi and go with the family to watch this film. There is good salutation to ‘Kannada Nadu’ – Karunada Kavaliga says Darshan and a song meant for Rajyotsava is given in advance. For last year November Darshan ‘KVSR’ was released and a month in advance here is another big treat. Before that ‘Bul Bul’ also satisfied the family audience.

‘Brindavana Ella Krishnarpana Masthu’. In the last shot of the film Darshan comes in the get up of Lord Krishna with two heroines as counterparts.

Darshan has used the power of double ‘Gaja’ in this film. The action blocks are so brilliant and captivating. Before interval the film has one shade and second half it is filled with more comedy with entry of Sadhu Kokila – the first and second half runs like a competition.

Krishna alias Krish (Darshan) is the son of thousands of crores company owner parents – Sharat Babu and Geetha. He has Minchina Hudgi Madhu (Milana). When the girl friend is affectionate with her head on the shoulder it is trouble of high altitude. Krish faces the fame to bail out Madhu friend Bhumi. Bhumi is not interested in her relative son as counterpart. Krish goes with Bhumi and pretend as his lover to solve her case. After this Bhumi wish is to settle down in USA. Apparently we do not know Madhu and Bhumi are daughters of estranged brothers living in ‘Chik Doddi and Dodda Doddi’ near Mysore and Mandya.

It is like wearing cooling glass and cutting onion for Krish. He goes to the dominated place of Bhumi and the house is called ‘Brindavana’ – that is like Kuruksheta atmosphere for him. He settles dozens of problems and set right the estranged brothers. He becomes darling except for a couple.

The dialogues like Nan Kuchela Maneli Huttodu, Bere Avra Bagge tilkollou Beda nan Bagge bere avru Tilkollodu important….. and the tag of ‘Natasarvabowma gintha swalpa Kadime’, taming of two chikkappas with brilliance , Nan Onthara KRS dam idda Haage, Machchige Baglilla mathig Bagthina come up before interval as interesting ones.

It is ‘Erad Chatrigala Madhye’ for Krish post interval. He fights without sound putting a cigarette in the air and locking it in lips, firing stick from the tonsured head of a villain.

He is in a few more funny situations that we will not disclose so easily. You better go and watch. This is a big canvas film with every scene conceived in a lavish scale by producers Suresh Gowda and Srinivasamurthy.

Darshan at his best once again in this 175 minutes ‘Brindavana’. He looks sweet, dances majestically, fights like a bull (of course he is Bul Bul), romances with ease, convinces elders with agile looks. He has given all the requirements by his fans.

Milana and Karthika are OK but not right choice of heroines for Darshan in this film. All elders have performed with ease. Doddanna character reminds one of his earlier films of Malashri.

V Harikrishna has given the most lovable tunes. Especially Naanu Kannadiga….it lives for long. Ramesh Babu gives every scene like ‘Rasagulla’.

This big bombat bojana from Seethabhaireshwara Productions private limited compels the family audience to watch.

Title – Brindavana, Banner – Seetha Bhaireshwara Productions Private Limited, Producers – Suresh Gowdru, Srinivasamurthy, Direction – K Madesh, Music – V Harikrishna, Camera – Ramesh Babu, Cast – Darshan, Karthika, Milana, Sampath Kumar, Sai Kumar, Sharat Babu, Nirosha, Geetha, Doddanna, Jai Jagadish, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap, Veena Sunder, Mohan Juneja, Sangeetha, Bhavani, Prakash Heggodu, Ajay, Killer Venkatesh, Shoba and others.

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