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At the Veeranjaneya temple in Saraswathi Nagar near Vijayanagar the most expected cinema of ‘Rangi Taranga’ director Anoop Bhandari ‘Raaja Ratha’ went on the floors on Sunday evening. Anoop Bhandri brother Nirup Bhandari plays the romantic hero in this romantic comedy ‘Raaja Ratha’. The title and banner ‘Jolly Hits’ was unveiled at Congress I politician Priya Krishna office in Moodalapalya.

A director of ‘Bengaloored and Rangi Taranga (that ran for 1 year, made Rs.30 crore business and abroad collection is Rs.3 crore net for this Kannada cinema) Anoop Bhandari has picked his ‘Rangi Taranga’ heroine Avanthika Shetty for lead. William David who shared the cinematography with Lance Kaplan in ‘Rangi Taranga’ is independently handling camera. The first schedule of shoot is from July 12 at Ooty. The four schedule shoot is the plan of Anoop. He has lot of fresh talent in this film with veterans like Ravishanker in supporting role. Anoop is scoring music for six songs. The concept for this film was made even before ‘Rangi Taranga’. 15 versions he has worked for the final script of this romantic comedy.

Nirup Bhandari is playing a college going youngster in this film. The success of ‘Rangi Taranga’ has made us more responsible and built expectations says Nirup Bhandari. He is remembering his college days now to appear for the film purpose.

Jolly Hits that is releasing Kannada films like Rangi Taranga, U Turn, Godibanna Sadarana Maikattu’ and others is entering the film production scene. The budget of this film is much more that what Anoop Bhandari ‘Rangi Taranga’ incurred. Ajanish Lokash is doing background score for ‘Raaja Ratha’.

Among the bunch of producers from Jolly Hits Vishu came down from Cleveland, USA and Anil from Hyderabad was present to the media briefing. Ajay Reddy, Anju Vallabh, Satish Shastry are other producers of this film. According to Vishu Dakappagari the team is going behind the successful team. Of course the excitement has started already in the camp he says.

David William promises to give a good visuals as the locations are also too good to capture.

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