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Title – Days of Borapura, Producers – Ajith Kumar Gaddi, Madhu Basavaraj, Raksha Gaddi and Shantala Basavaraj, Direction – Aditya Kunigal, Cinematography – Saravana GS, Music – Vivek Chakravarthy, Cast – Prashanth, Soorya Siddarth, Dinesh Mangaluru, Anitha Bhat, Amitha, Prakruthi, Raghu Pandeshwara, Prashanth Varadamala, Shivakumar Aradhya, Shafi, Suchindra Prasad, Nagendra Shah, Pramod Shetty and others.

The villagers are not innocent. They want to live with morality. One such combination is this ‘Borapura’. Director Aditya Kunigal has made many interesting characters and in around 135 minutes gives different shades and mindset of the people.

In ‘Borapura’ village there is disenchanted youth, lovers, thieves, honest Gowda, money lender, a widow, aged people etc.

The new banking system that comes to this village Borapura is the cynosure of the subject. Like how ‘Bavi Kalidide’ drama is made in to a cinema ‘Sarkari Kelsa Devara Kelsa’, in this case the theft is the ATM machine that comes to Borapura village.

Director Aditya Kunigal is so intelligent that he connects all characters to this loss of ATM machine. He brings in greed in some of the characters. The knot he has prepared slowly release to a good satisfaction at the end.

When the ATM machine is found and brought to the police station, the bank official discloses that it was ‘Dummy’ machine with no money raises eye brows of everyone.

Soorya Siddarth has given casual performance, Prashanth is cool, Amitha and Prakruthi have left strong hope to grow in future. Dinesh Mangaluru is impressive for his dialogue delivery.

Vivek Chakravarthy background and two musical scores are melodious and meaningful. Saravana cinematography has no flaws and he had the challenges of shooting in dark nights.

Worth watching cinema is this ‘Days of Borapura’.

Score – 3/5 ***

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