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Posted date: 31 Sat, Mar 2018 12:13:00 AM
Title – Gultoo, Producers – Prashanth Reddy, Devaraj Chikkanna,  Direction – Janardhan, Music – Amith Anand, Cinematography – Shanthi Sagar, Cast – Naveen Shanker, Sony, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu, Pawan Kumar, Ram Dhanush, Apoorva  and others.

In the days of advancement of technology, this film ‘Gultoo’ (Log Out) looks at a serious angle of cyber crime. It goes to the extreme of paying penalty at the government level yet nothing could happen for culprit. The level of crime overriding on the principles is because of frustration of present day youth and poverty bothering.

The protagonist in this film Naveen – Alok goes to a negative shade instead of using his brilliance for the right of the society.

When the root cause is studied a sick employee in the office has not made proper logout and his movements are observed by a frustrated youth to win a bumper. When you further back, you would find the poverty in this youngster insulting him in society. He uses the foul method of those who ragged him and that also fills a courage for him to continue.

In the coming days he grows to the extent of blackmail of chief minister with government data copy with him. This is what fetches Alok a huge money at the international arena. That is what he wants.

The foul tactics deployed by Alok is for his vested interest to flourish with his startup company with the money he has earned. Hacking is the best route for him. This is of course very dangerous.

In fact this is a people cinema. Every individual who uses the computer should watch this film.

When the film completes interval you would find something very serious and strong. Had the sync system of sound not utilized the film would have been more effective. The dialogues do not reach the ears properly. In single screen the problem is very old in multiplex sound might be exceedingly good.

Naveen Shanker in this mind game cinema has come out well. Director Janardhan Chikkanna has made a different kind of film.

Sonu looks sweet and has a Khadak role to play for the film. Avinash as cop Rangayana Raghu as chief minister are impeccable.

Background score should have allowed the dialogues to reach the ears properly. Adequate are the cinematography and music composers Shanthi Sagar and Amith Anand respectively.
You can take a look at the danger ahead in the universe through this Kannada film.

Score – 4.5/5


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