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Title – Humble Politician Nogaraj, Producers - Rakshit Shetty of Paramvah Studio, Pushkar Mallikarjun of Pushkar Films and Hemanth Rao of Lost and Found, Direction – Saad Khan, Music – Sricharan Pakala, Jeet Singh, DJ Jasmeet, Prajwal Pai, Cinematography – Karam Chawla, Cast – Danish Sait, Roger Narayan, Shruthi Hariharan, Vijay Chendur, Srinivasa Prabhu, Akki Channa Basappa, Sumukha Suresh and others.

No doubt that Danish Sait has carried the film on his shoulders through his  comedy, innocence, political satire Kannada film in his debut.

Roger Narayan has carried the role with great sensitivities and he aptly suits the role.

Danish Sait all over in ‘Humble Politician Nogaraj’. A political satire from the family of politician Danish is grandson of former Karnataka minister Azeez Sait. Tanvir Sait is also a politician related to Danish Sait. A Comedian and radio host known for his Radio Prank Show aired on Fever 104 FM. He is also a host of the RCB Insider Show and a member of the Royal Challengers team in Bangalore.

For the biggest hype secured by this film and three top film makers – Pushkar Mallikarjun, Hemanth Rao and Rakshit Shetty producing the film, it was expected to be a superb entertainer.  Yet there are so many elements and situations in the film that hits at the existing politicians.

The councilor intending to become an MLA and a techie coming as his opponent – the film gets a new gear and all would feel that the addressing of the people with right attitude by Arun Patil get a seat. It is the foul methods of Nogaraj that is too harsh and what we see in real life politics.

Politics is dirty linen says the quotation. Nogaraj really gets dirty getting inside the gutter. He has the knack of gaining publicity for all his poor and rubbish ideas. Politics is a nasty, dirty game; power is never given, it must always be taken. This is what the film discloses.
Humble Politician Nogaraj is spending lot of time in countering the opponent.  He gets inside the office of opponent to make it copy cat of it.
As we all know politics is the arena of morals, it is the arena of interests that too vested interest, similar developments takes place in this film.
Saad Khan with an interesting team has arrived at the right time in Karnataka. The tricks and counter tricks to win at the ballot boxes are important. Sadly the bad culture wins over the good deeds in this film. Of course that is politics!
Nogaraj has problem of delivery of words. So he brings in past and present tense to create tension around. To get the sympathy of his voters he switch off the power and asks power star Puneeth Rajakumar as who he is and looking at Power star he says you don’t have power problem in the house.
At one point of time Nogaraj falls flat to the too good nature and workmanship of Arun Patil. What happens ultimately you have to watch the film!
Danish Sait is cool & Smart  in his First Atempt  . He has tried  hard to convince the audience. Roger Narayan shines, Shruthi Hariharan smiles, Vijay Chendur fails to evoke laughter.
The corruption and dirt in politics could be shown even in this style is the win of this film.
3/5 ***

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