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Title – Java, Producers – Vachan Shetty and Veerendra Vidyavrath, Direction – Abhay Chandra, Music – Vinay Chandra, Cinematography – M U Nandakumar, Cast – Saikumar, Dilip Raj, Bhavani Prakash, Kushal BK, Naginibharana, Sharat Bhagwan and Madan Kumar.

Siblings Abhay Chandra and Vinay Chandra together in the first film ‘Java’ has given a thought provoking film. Yet the thought should have been rechecked. A police officer who uses the pistol could have easily broken the front door and averted the killings happen inside the locked bungalow.

The film is almost on the lines of Kannada film ‘Aatagara’. It was open place but this is a locked bungalow.

A realtor broker, rich woman, hired killer, a maid servant and the one committed a sin by mistake are locked inside bungalow in ‘Java’. It is just one phone call from landline to police officer brings him near to the spot. The cop in this case comes with computer expert. They are not able to get in because the door is locked. A cop and computer specialist trace the CC camera outside and find the footage is possible to know from inside.

Who are these people inside the bungalow – a broker is a criminal, rich woman has duped several rich people, hired killer is here as TV operator, the one who created road accident that had taken the toll of cop wife and kid is also inside. The maid servant is suspicious character.

Hectic attempt to control the inmates by cop from outside goes in vain. Finally only road accident culprit remains.

Java could have created more intriguing moments in the end. The happenings inside the house are breathtaking at places.

Saikumar has just delivered dialogues, Dilip Raj is hero of the film, Bhavani Prakash has nothing much to do. Nagini Bharana dialogue delivery is not convincing.

Of course the background score is good from Vinay Chandra, cinematography by MU Nandakumar is quite convincing.

The film with message – for your mistakes you have to pay the penalty is understandable. For death of his wife and kid the cop set free Dilip Raj character.

In a free time you can watch this film.
3/5 *** 
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