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Title – Seizer, Producer – Trivikrama Sapalya, Direction – Vinay Krishna, Music – Chandan Shetty, Cinematography – Anji and Rajesh Kata, Cast – Chiranjeevi Sarja, V Ravichandran, Prakash Rai, Nagi Needu, Parul Yadav and others.

This is the best of Yuva Samrat Chirajeevi Sarja from the days of ‘Vayu Puthra’! It is the best gift on the eve of his marriage. It is a ‘Samhara’ as the police officer puts it at the end and releases him of no cases.

That is Caesar for you. His task is to ‘seize’ vehicle that were taken on loan and not refunded. He works under Crazy star and it is his finance company that does the serious job.

Caesar has two tasks in his profession in ‘Seizer’. He is on rampage of trio brothers – Balarama, Chandra and Gajapathi. The first killing is what the police investigate and fail to nab the real culprit. The second murder of Chandra Dubai returned is very cruel and the third one is ‘White and White’ Gajapathi – Prakash Rai is also a serious task.

After knowing two of Caesar tasks his boss knows the modus operandi. He wants him to be his right hand because of loyalty. At this time the paternal uncle of Caesar ‘seizes’ the matter in the flashback.

You have to watch the rest in the captivating second half of debut director Vinay Krishna for Druthi Creations. Action is the main feast of this film. On the controversial dialogue ‘Cow Slaughter’ – the entire scene was not essential for the film. It stands out from ‘One and Only Finance’ company tasks.

For Chiranjeevi Sarja, there cannot be better than this one. He has followed his younger brother Dhruva Sarja footsteps. Parul Yadav has nothing bit to offer from this film.

There has been striking performance from Prakash Rai, V Ravichandran, Shobaraj and Nagi Needu. Comedy of Sadhu Kokila is quite interesting.

Action compositions are superb. Chandan Shetty has delivered two interesting songs and background score is quite OK. Dialogues written for this film are quite appealing.

‘Seizer’ is worth a Dekko. This type of story narration of a revenge saga is a rare catch for audience. From Trivikrama Sapalya – producer this film would be ‘Saphala’ in the box office.
4.5/5 is score
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