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There is a very topical issue and Kudlu Ramakrishna should do good justice to the film ‘March 22’ (international water day) stated versatile actor Ananthnag who is playing a very crucial role in this 15 years old subject and in fact it is after 16 years Kudlu is joining with Ananthnag and it is almost the same 15 years later veteran Lakshmi is acting with Ananthnag. The last film was D Rajendra Babu directed ‘Amma’ in 2001. In 2009 ‘Shivakashi’ was announced but it has not seen the light of the day.

Anthnag and Lakshmi hit films in the career are Benkiya Bale, Chandanada Gombe, Naa Ninna Bidalaare, Ibbani Karagithu, Mudhudidha Thavare Aralithu, Makkele Devaru, Nodi Swami Navirodhe Heege, Makkaliralavva Mane Thumba, Bidugadeya Bedi and Amma (based on the play ‘Amma Retire Agthale). This film with topic of international relevance ‘March 22’ is produced by Dubai based Mangaluru Kannadiga Harish Sherigar and his wife Smt Sharmila.

The talented Vinaya Prakash conducted the media meet on Sunday night at Citadel Hotel by an invocation song on Karnataka state. She delivered the song with her husband Prakash who has composed this song.

Aryavardhan, Kiran Raj, Meghasri, Chidanand Dubai, Sharat Lohitashva, Vinayaprakash, Sadhu Kokila, Ashish Vidyarthi, Padmaja Rao, Shantha Acharya, Dubai Suvarna, Prashobitha are also in the cast. BA Madhu dialogues, Mohan of Karva cinematography plus two music directors Manikanth Khadri and Ravishekhar are scoring three songs each for this film.

Noted actress Vinayaprakash speaking about Ananthnag said he is synonym to glamour. The film is very interesting in her career and Kodlu Ramakrishna has done good home work she said.

Kodlu addressing the media said he had almost forgotten the topic of this film. It was 15 years ago he discussed this subject with Shivarajakumar. Half a dozen later heard the story but not taken any decision. He was shooting in the house of Harish Sherigar in Mangaluru for ‘Mr Duplicate’ the film subject discussed given a nod for him to go ahead.

Versatile actor Ananthnag addressing on the reasons for accepting this film said we talk about a forestation, corruption etc at international level. This is one such topic ‘Water’. In the world scene there is fight for water. We have in our own state over 100 years fighting for water on Cauvery river issue with adjacent Tamil Nadu. This is very topical he said. The war for water also might take place in future he pointed. The complications of it withstanding the controversy Kodlu Ramakrishna efficiently handle it he mentioned.

Harish Sherigar staying in Gulf in the last 25 years and managing his own industry in the last 18 years is very fond of Ananthnag. He had seen almost all films of Ananthnag and Lakshmi. He is a singer and associated with many of the Kannada programs held in Dubai. Every week he is into one or the other cultural program. This film is nothing but doing ‘Kannada Taayi Seve’ he feels.

Megasri feels very important to work in this film because of stalwarts in the team. She plays the role of Amrutha in the film. Megasri has already acted in quite a few films. Aryavardhan is in his second film. First one was glam filled, this is message filled which he wanted it to happen.

Manikanth Khadri and Ravishekhar intends to give ‘Bharjari’ music for this film. Mohan cameraman of Karva says he had to reproduce the thirty years old authenticity to the film in visuals.

Let us not make our life ‘narak’ but live with happiness keeping away all egos is the topic discussed in this film. Neeru, Gaali, Anna is our birth right it deals with Hindu, Muslim integrity in the film.

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